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Scranton Business Signs: Going Digital for Restaurants

If you’ve ever considered adding commercial signs to your restaurant, you’ve probably wondered if the investment would be worth your time and money—especially if you think your current restaurant signage is working fine the way it is. But even though that the Scranton business signs you have now might not be hurting your business, are they doing anything to help?


Restaurant Signage Statistics


Digital restaurant signage increased foot traffic by 15%.

Having attractive window displays is one of the best ways to get people through your doors. If they see something outside your restaurant that catches their eye, or better yet, holds their attention, they’ll be much more likely to enter the building. And once they’re in, being greeted by even more attractive (and interactive) digital signage is a sure-fire way to keep them coming back.


Check averages increased by 21% with digital menus.

One of the beautiful things about food marketing that we mentioned earlier is that it not only influences people to buy items they weren’t planning to, but it influences them to buy more than they planned for in a single transaction. This increases the average overall check amount significantly.


Digital restaurant signage increased customer satisfaction by 47%.

Digital signage engages customers, provides helpful content, and reduces both real and perceived wait times. Since these benefits are easy for the customer to see, they’re more satisfied with their restaurant experience.


The average overall sales lift from digital restaurant signage is 3-5%.

When you take into account the increase in unplanned purchases, the added sales from promotional items, the boost in foot traffic, and the higher check averages, it’s easy to see that digital building signs can increase your overall sales.


69% of restaurants recouped their digital menu board investment in less than 18 months.

If you’ve ever been concerned about the initial cost of digital signs, you can rest assured that your investment will pay for itself over time, and sooner than you might expect. Add together the money you save by never having to pay for new print signs and the increase in individual items and overall sales, and you’ll see that digital restaurant signage easily pays for itself in just a matter of months.


Obviously, digital restaurant signage has a huge impact on the success of your business. With numbers like these, who could still be on the fence? Contact a professional about Scranton business signs to get some more information and start increasing your revenue!