led message sign

Getting the Most Out of Your LED Message Sign

LED (LIGHT EMITTING DIODE) – Light: An illuminating agent or source. Emitting: To send or give forth. Diode: A device through which a current can pass free. LED message signs are truly the signs that keep on giving! These signs have plenty to offer, and it’s only expected you would want to get the most out of your sign in return.

How LED message signs are different

Monochrome vs Full-Color

All LED Signs are vibrant no matter what you choose. They come into two color options: Monochrome and Full Color. Monochrome LED signs display a single-color message. It is more informative than illustrative. This type of LED message sign can be great if what you’re selling doesn’t need to be advertised by a picture, or you want to be taken as a more serious and reputable business. Sometimes, less is more! Full-Color LED signs are just that – full of colors. If the services or products you provide are meant to be visually appealing, a Full-Color LED sign will give you the advantage of being able to advertise in full detail. Full-Color signs are perfect for business that want to be recognized as being more fun and unique.

Size & Content

Smaller LED signs might be better for you if your business is on a smaller street, closer to traffic, and you want to attract passersby. It’s easier on the eyes for those who will be looking at it from a closer distance and at a considerably slower speed. You can customize the character size in your sign, while adding a scrolling motion. Bigger LED signs are better for further and longer distances, like a highway or roadside. Drivers can’t afford to be bothered to read too much at the speed they’re going, so you’ll want to provide as much as you can in a shorter amount of time since they are going along with traffic. Larger character letters and moving pictures will help direct their eyes to your business sign and be more legible.

LED Signs vs Regular Signs

Unlike regular signs, the content in your LED message sign is adjustable at any given moment. You will have the liberty to change and customize what you want your sign to show. This is a great quality when wanting to advertise a weekly or seasonal sale. In comparison, neon light bulbs tend to run hotter and use more energy than LED. With and LED sign your electric bill will significantly be reduced. In the long run, LED signs will be a better investment for your Scranton small business. You’ll get more hours of usage and advertisement at a lower cost, which means more money in your pocket!