digital signage

Benefits of Digital Signage

The demand for a digital signage solution is gaining interest and growing investments. When you visit public places like a shopping mall, sports stadium, retail store, waiting area, or an airport, chances are high you have encountered a high-resolution digital display.

The explosion of digital devices in the last decade alone has created for a number of new innovations and channels to market your small business and its services.

As digital technology invades practically every aspect of our lives, so does the need to migrate business infrastructure within this cutting-edge space.

Boosting Business Opportunities with Digital Signage

So, how can digital signage boost business opportunities? In particular, digital menu boards improve some of the following metrics for restaurants: increased customer satisfaction, higher promotional item sales, larger check averages, and DECREASED cost of menu changes.


But what about retail? Well retailers have reported seeing increased overall sales volume, decreased perceived wait times, higher information retention, and added the number of repeat buyers.


The bottom line is there are some additional aspects that are cost-effective by adopting the digital signage technology and making the business environmentally friendly by reducing paper needs. Additionally there is no need to pay a designer and your printing needs are minimized. Businesses have even reported increased productivity of employees, due to less stress of over explaining information to customers, and happier, more informed customers in general.


The United States produces 3.7 million tons of copy paper each year. The digital signage avenue can help eliminate the hundreds of flyers printed, paperwork and with other printed materials.


The digital signage option is often disregarded but is a good long-term strategy for your Scranton business sign. Most of the time the conversation seems to frequently revolve around social networking services and native ads within the mobile space. As it turns out you can exploit and WOW audiences with a digital signage as an alternative solution.