3 Colors For An Awesome Business Sign

There’s a clear relationship between color and the way we perceive our surroundings. This is helpful for your business sign because the color of your sign will play a major role in its impact. The theory of color suggests that there is, for example, a relationship between hunger and orange because this color is related to critics and the brain responds to this stimulus with an oxygen increase, followed by a need to eat. So, if your business is a restaurant, then you may want to consider orange, as it will create this sensation in the random bystanders and therefore, they will be allured to your business. So, here are 3 fundamental tips that will help you choose the perfect colors for your business sign.

1. The passionate power of Red: Red raises our breath and increases our blood pressure, so if you sell cars for example, a product that is related to speed, then red is what you may want to use for your building sign.

2. The soothing feeling of blue: There is a relationship between the clear blue and the feeling of tranquillity. That is why you feel calm when you’re staring at the blue sky. So, if you sell mattresses, or you own a Spa, or any other product or service related to relaxation then blue is the way to go. However, if you sell food, avoid this color, as it inhibits the appetite.

3. The royal might of purple: Purple was considered to be the royal color because it was a rare to find it. So, if you sell suits or you have a real estate that lets luxury villas, then your clients will feel they are getting their money’s worth if you use this color on your business signage.