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3 Festive Symbols For Your Business Sign

business sign can often be very affordable and, more often than not, it improves the way your business looks and the way your customers perceive you. Now, we all know that this season is particularly attractive for businesses and is a great opportunity to be creative about the way you advertise your products. Taking both of these variables into consideration, i.e. the fact that neon signs are not as expensive, and that Halloween is an opportunity to be creative about your marketing strategy, I propose to you a Halloween neon sign for your business. Ok, ok, ok, you may think that it’s an unnecessary expense but bear with me for just a second while I tell you about these 3 iconic symbols that you can put into a good use for your business.

  1. The black and orange mix: The reason behind these two traditional colors being the official Halloween’s tonalities, is quite simple. It has to do with the colors of the fall and also because in the original Celtic tradition of Samhain, from where Halloween stems from. The transition from bright to dark days was a motif and therefore black is often used. Now, consider this when choosing colors for your festive business sign!
  2. The Jack-o-lanterns: This is a fun story and a Halloween symbol that cannot be missed. The story behind them is related to a man named “Stingy Jack”, a drunkard and a joker who managed to make both God and the Devil so mad that when he died neither one of them wanted him, so he was stuck on earth, where he wandered for all eternity carrying a turnip with a light in it. The Irish carved jack-o–lanterns to scare him away. Tell me that you cannot already see a neon sign of a jack-o-lantern perched in your shop!
  3. Gh-gh-ghost! Ghosts are also another typical symbol in Halloween, this also goes back to the Celtic tradition, as the Irish commemorated those family members who passed away and they thought they could go around, in spirit, amongst the living on that very night. They can be spooky but they can also be friendly and fun. I’m feeling neon all over the place with ghostlike figures, don’t you?

In the end, it’s all for good fun and if you have a few bucks to spare put it to good use with a festive commercial sign or neon decoration that shows off your festive side. Have a safe and awesome Halloween!!